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Servway is a member of TMS Group of companies. Our team, through the company’s principles and subcontractors, will fulfill your vessel’s needs even in the most remote ports for vessel repair yards, underwater services, safety inspection and repair stations. It is our commitment to support our customer to keep their vessels, crew and cargo in the minimum possible risk level with the main ingredient of our business success to be the pre- as well as post-service support.

Categories: Dry-Docking, Ship Repairs, Safety Inspection Turbocharger Station, Underwater.

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Ship Repairs

Total Maritime Services by responding to more demanding needs of its customer expanded its services to a broader spectrum. Total Maritime Services has created a well organized and high qualified ship repair team. All the individuals involved in the ship repair limb had previous key positions to technical departments of shipmanagement companies. The ship repair team is dedicated to fulfill all the potential needs of customers in all over the world. Our team can provide its support to all types of vessels all over the world both in port and on stem.

Total Maritime Services ship repair team can also support and establish any spare part that has been bought by Total Maritime Services. Our skilled team always works under tight time schedules with guaranteed performance. Our main goal is to provide our services with quality and constantly in a cost-efficient manner.


  • Guaranteed quality of work
  • Always under specific time schedules in order to satisfy the customers’ needs
  • Total Maritime Services through its worldwide network can provide the most competitive prices for both ship repair and spare parts
  • Total Maritime Services has skilled personnel with years of experience that can handle sufficiently and efficiently all types of problems
  • Total Maritime Services can provide ship repair services all around the world 24/7 365 days
  • Total Maritime Services can save money and time through the combination of spare parts and ship repair
  • Total Maritime Services can provide technical support to any spare part that it will be bought from us


We offers for sale original, new and second hand turbocharger’s components as well as service, inspection, installation and repairs of every turbocharger type, for European and Japanese makers such as ABB, MAN, MET, NAPIER, B&W, PBS, KBB, HOLSET, KKK, SWITCHER, IHI.

  • Overhauling – -service kits
  • Bearing units complete,
  • Oil pumps and sealing bushes
  • Turbine blades
  • Nozzlering, covering, shroud ring

  • Rotor shaft complete, impeller, -inducer,compressor wheel,
  • Partition -wall
  • Gas inlet and outlet casing, diffuser
  • Air filter, silencer
  • Gaskets and rings


Based on the core value of our Group, Total Maritime Services (TMS) has focused in the last 15 years to attain strategic alliances, representations and cooperation with many shipyards primarily to Far East and Mediterranean. Our team of experts, with many years of experience, can arrange all the details for any vessel which is planned for dry-dock. Our team can prepare the whole procedure from step one up to finalization of the repairs. We can arrange and produce the exact time schedule needed for the repairs, the cost, consultancy in all levels, and the necessary spares under the high level of supervision conducted by our team.

Total Maritime Services comprehends exactly the needs and services that a modern shipowner/shipmanager needs in this complex and competitive environment. For this reason our company by exploiting its well organized network of partners worldwide has developed a series of options vis-à-vis the payment. We can succeed not only very competitive prices but also very favorable terms of payments (on tailor made basis) which fit to any individual company. We try to offer different financial options for our customers in order to give them the opportunity to employ the vessel first and then to repay the cost of shipyard