a global trader

International Trading

Total International Trading Ltd is a global trader activated in the market of raw and industrialized goods. With a successful story for more than twenty five years we have gain a vital spot to the international markets.

Our philosophy is to link the colorful pieces of the mosaic which called international trade. With horizontal and vertical integration, in the last years, we had succeeded a strategical advantage which granted us a lofty degree of flexibility in order to reciprocate not only the highly complex and unpredicted fluctuations of the markets but also to confer an incessant flow of goods and services to our partners.

Our scope is to locate, negotiate, refine, elaborate, buy and sale a highly diversified line of raw materials and products with main goal to meet the continuous needs of our customers.

In our line of business shipping is the alter ego for every trading company. For this reason we established Total Shipmanagement Ltd.

Though this limb we had managed to offer a full range of tailored made services to our customers, from the source to the end users.


Besides the immense technological developments oil still dominates the markets. We have a strong presence in the oil markets especially to the routes from Middle East to Far East and from Mediterranean to Far East. We have a very experienced board of traders that can offer vital consultancy to our customers and updates of the market. We are involved in both crude oil and distilled products.
LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)
LNG is still in its puberty. It is vast market with big players. We strongly believe that in the next decade LNG will gain more share in the energy market. We have strategically invested in this sector in the last years and we continue to improve our portfolio constantly.
Total International Trading retains well structured entities which involved in the exploitation and export of minerals from Africa. These markets have their one peculiarity and risks. We have a long term investment fund responsible for this market.
Industrialized Goods
The increased needs of our customers led us to activate its new department. Total International Trading cooperates with many governments and private companies for supplying and/or selling on their behalf industrialized goods.


In our strive to exceed customers’ expectations, we are totally committed in meeting the growing needs of services, thus we offer a complete range of Marine Chemicals, to our clients, that you can find in most of the ports globally.

We can assure you unique service from specialized people.So let us be your global partner in the field of marine chemicals among other services we offer. Our engineers will be very glad to assist you for the effectiveness and efficiency of the application of the products

Our products range includes chemicals for the following applications:

  • Fuel Oil treatment
  • Tank cleaners
  • Degreasers
  • Electrical Cleaners
  • Descalers
  • Water Treatment
  • Oil Spill Removers
  • Carbon Removers

  • General Cleaner
  • Oxygen
  • Acetylene
  • Nitrogen
  • Argon
  • R22
  • Equipment
  • Electrodes