a leading supplier, regarding marine services and ship operation equipment

Maritime Services Ltd

Total Maritime Services Ltd is a leading supplier, regarding marine services and ship operation equipment. Total Maritime Services Ltd has experience over a decade in both shipping and transportation industry. Total Maritime Services Ltd provides services to a big number of customers globally.

Having at the back of our mind the target to expand our activities globally, we have obtained a worldwide respect and recognition with first class customers. Indeed our success is due to this strategy goal:

to provide an exceedingly diversified product line aiming at the best satisfaction, care and cater of our customers’ needs and requests, one stop shopping.

Therefore, by strictly following our goal we have managed to build a reputation concerning consistency, competitiveness, promptness and reliability.

Importantly is the fact that we look at our customers’ demands because we know what they demand for:

  • quality in all services and products, and
  • affordability.

We have realized through the years that without any shadow of doubt that when you respect your customer in terms of offering a competitive edge without compromising product’s quality they will respect you back and finally your group of customers will encompass all first class shipmanagement companies, shipowners, ship agents, shipyards, shipbuilders, oil rigs and platforms.

Our wide range of engine parts, deck equipment, machinery products and equipment, marine gear and accommodation in combination with our quality options as regards to the products we manage, finally, to meet our marine, shipping and transportation requirements.


Since the early beginning, Total Maritime Services’ vision was to become a leading supplier within the shipping industry. Our vision is to expand in a worldwide basis  with branches all over the globe . At this time and moment Total Maritime Services has achieved its first goal, which is that of a wide reputation among esteemed customers such as shipmanagement companies, shipowners, ship agents shipyards, shipbuilders, oil rigs and platforms. On the other hand this is our vision for the next decade:

The opening of branches to Far East and Europe and, To build and capitalize a network of warehousing facilities in all continents.

Despite the fact that we are currently serving customers globally, by accomplishing our vision we plan through our future subsidiaries, liaison offices and partners worldwide to increase our customers and concurrently to satisfy the increased needs of maritime market with service either at the same day or the following one, especially at the key ports of each continent. However, we are not only focusing on the major ports, but to the smaller ones too whether they are somewhere in the Asia Pacific, South Africa or South American.

Truly speaking a service provider like us, we aim at our customers’ utmost satisfaction comprising quality, service and products and affordability.

Our vision: to minimize your cost and increase our quality service and products!

Think: strictly following our goal we will build our reputation and appreciation even more and simultaneously you will give us the opportunity to expand our services even further by providing you with consistency, competitiveness, promptness and reliability

It is worth remembering that within the shipping and maritime sphere two major characteristics are these of promptness and reliability.

For the purpose of complying with the ‘rule of thumb’, and, to become a high-standard service company, we have taken into account and, as a consequence, we have adopted the subsequent standards:

  • We operate in a worldwide basis;
  • We offer a product-diversified line;
  • We serve every type of vessel;
  • We cover every single aspect of the ship operations;
  • We listen and respect to our customers’ needs;
  • We listen and try to understand how our customers prefer to do business

Among our major goals is that of providing competitive pricing. What do we mean?

To undertake and thus to maintain a balance of the highest quality service for the lowest possible price. By making such a move we aim at the formation of strategic partnerships with our respected customers. Here are the reasons that justify our approach:

  • Our excellent worldwide connections thanks to our long-term relationships with other manufactures and major, reputable suppliers;
  • Our diversified buying power is that extra incentive that gives us the opportunity as Total Maritime Services to offer lower prices to our customers;
  • Our skilled staff with long technical experience vis-à-vis issues emerging on board the vessel is a decisive factor for the customer to choose Total Maritime Services simply because our staff can save money and time to the customers.

Our company by reciprocating the needs of each client has developed a team of lawyers and consultants with years of experience in the maritime industry.

Our team can support any potential client requesting legal advice or services.

We can help you in following matters:

  • Bill of lading Claims
  • Arrest of vessels
  • Pollution
  • General Average Claims
  • H + M Claims
  • P&I Claims
  • Voyage and time charter disputes
  • Post Fixtures calculations and support

We are to your disposal for any assistance that you may require.